SMART TRAVEL - Off Stream Travel

SMART TRAVEL - Off Stream Travel

Many said that OPEN and they will COME, well... we are finding out that, it is not the case. 

Traveler will travel, but they will do that when and where it makes smart sense. As we move to re-open and attempt to live a NORMAL life with the threat of the virus. Travelers will first select beautiful destinations where they can enjoy the destination without having to worry if someone is getting too close to them.

Travelers will avoid crowded resorts and activities where they have to share spaces with strangers that may not maintain social distance.





Welcome Zimple Rentals Inc.

Zimple Rentals Inc. owns and operates several online travel platforms in the Caribbean and Latin America. It websites are focused on providing Travel Solutions for its clients to offer Car Rental, Hotels and other ground travel services. The company has agreements with all major Travel Agencies and Airlines in the Caribbean.