CAR RENTAL - Smart Option

CAR RENTAL - Smart Option

Evaluating all components of travel we find that renting a car is the Smart Option to maintain social distancing and prevent exposure to the virus.

All major car rental companies are commited to sanitize each car before each rental. All touch ponts are desinfected with approved chemicals to ensure the safety of their employees and customers alike.

Their commitment to cleanliness is not just with their cars. It is also extended to their rental locations, counters, and Kiosks. All employees are required to use masks and maintain social distance.


Renting a car is the perfect complement to your travel needs, you manager your spaces and once you take posesion of the vehicles the inside will remain virus-free only passenger and family memeber will have access to the interior of the vehicle.

Car Rental is better than train, taxis, transfers, and/or public transportation. Look for the seal to commitment from each company and rent a car worry free...



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