AIRLINE travel in COVID-19 times

AIRLINE travel in COVID-19 times

As we move towards geting into the NEW NORMAL Airlines are having to deal with local goverment regulations and changes to their operation to meet customers expectations to keep them safe from this virus.

Many countries are still close and many working on the best practices to re-open international travel safely to prevent the virus from coming in from other countries. Most of them have already expressed their readiness to begin operating and will adhere to any regulation established by the local goverment.

Fortunately, most of them have already established best practices at many of their locations to keep employees and customer safe. Therefore, updating such processes to meet any regulation established in International Destinations will be done expeditiously.


As they prepare to open more routes internationally, there are still many questions that need answers. Two of the main questions are the mandates about the use of face masks and the use of their middle seats. For example:

  • American Airlines is requiring face masks for boarding and during the flight.
  • Delta Airlines is blocking the midlle seats until September 30th, and also requires face masks.
  • Jetblue is also requiring facemasks during flight and is blocking the middle seat through July 31.
  • Spirit Airlines is requiring face masks in flight and as all other airlines established a detailed sanitation process for each airplane. 

As indicated before, opening international travel is a moving target that will require flexible plans for everyone.




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